SLV Homes, Renovation – Best Alternate Space

Hidden Gem

What once was an awkward passage to a cold room and pump storage was transformed into wine room for storage with a tasting niche and a useful space made for gathering and enjoyment with friends.  The existing sump and ejector pump couldn’t move but were cleverly masked by the new granite topped bistro table to make way for the preparation of snacks and decanting of wines. The table has door a included for accessibility to the pumps and is camouflaged in the matching stone. Conveniently located next to the existing cold room, allows access to the family cured meats inside.  Technical challenges in this renovation of space included expansion of the existing pump space, bringing in the cooling vents and refrigeration piping and adding light to the area.
The wood clad walls and culture stone accents are reminiscent of traditional family wineries and tasting rooms in cellar spaces.

Suppliers include: Centis Tile and Surface Design & Decor

Award sponsored by: Ethier Sand and Gravel


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