Renovation Road Map

Renovating and/or tackling needed maintenance and repairs?

We can offer advice, which will help you make the right choices to reach your goals.
When you renovate and maintain your home, the most important decisions need to be made before the work begins. With today’s housing technology, you can increase the comfort of your home significantly by making it healthier and more energy efficient. This means better living for you and also helps to protect our environment by reducing greenhouse gasses and other pollutants.
Each section of this site provides information and tools you will need to map out your renovation plan. This includes how to set your goals, how to make your home healthier and more energy efficient, and how to find the right professional contractor.

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  1. Ron netherton says:

    We want to add a. 24 by 20 ft expansion on a cottage bungalow at lake. Pen age. In whitefish ont. 705 690 4443 We need estimates


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